If you don't have time to visit us, or you just want to present the Creppy's crepe specialities for your guests, for your friends or your family at home, order your favourites and we bring it to your place! 

What can You order? 

  • Creppy crepe specialities: Creppy crepes available in Creppy PalacsintaHaz's menu.  
  • Creppy Vitality crepes: gluten, lactose and sugar free Creppy crepe specialities made of special ingredients.   
  • Creppy PaLunch crepe lunch: two course lunch offer available every workday between 12.00 and 15:00 . 

Delivery's availability:

Monday to Sunday:  between 12.00 és 21.00


Monday to Sunday: between 11.00 és 20.00 


Creppy crepe specialities are carried in protected packages, separately considering the saving the consistency and warming. Creppy crepes are delivered in ECO pacages according to our environs philosophy. We can also ensure ECO cutleries. 

Packaging price: 200 Ft / box



  • You can use your Creppy Fan Club card by our delivery service, which ensures a 10% crepe discount. If you would like to use your discount it is necessarry to sign about it in advance: you have to inform our collegue about the number of your card or about your name.  

The discount delivery price cannot be contratcted with any other discount!

  • Creppy crepe specialities delivered on our discount day, Happy Tuesday (every second Tuesday each month) have the 30% discount


Other information:

Minimum order: 3.000 Ft.

Average delivery time: cc. 60-90 min


Delivery price: 
Creppy PalacsintaHaz's Miskolc delivery functions in the county of Miskolc.

  • Downtown Miskolc:  free
    (Downtown, Vörösmarty St., Avas, Csabai kapu, Bodótető, Bábonyibérc, Zsolcai kapu, Szilágyi D. St.)
  •  Outside of Downtown: 500 Ft
    (Győri kapu, Selyemrét, Tiszai pu., Martin telep, Hejőcsaba, Szentpéteri kapu, Zsigmondy St., József Attila St., Egyetemváros, Varga-hegy, Újgyőri főtér, Vasgyár, Diósgyőr, Berekalja, Szirma, Görömböly, Tapolca, Komlóstető)


Payment informations: cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard), SZÉP card - hospitality sub-account, Creppy gift card 
(please, tell us the payment method when you order your meal)