Dog-fancier place

Creppy PalacsintaHáz welcome with pleasure his crepe adoring guests who would like to enjoy the crepe specialities with their dogs. Creppy would like to strenghten the development of the culture of the hungarian dog keeper society with this gesture which calls the attention to the responsible animal keepeing. Our goal is to ensure that the keepers can eat their favourite crepes in the company of their pets, even on the occasion of a dog walk.

Our request to the keepers to indicate us, if you would like to visit us with a dog.

Dog fancier regulations:

  • Dog sizes listed below are let into the guest area of Creppy PalacsintaHáz:

(examples serve to symbolize the sizes, we let other breeds of dogs if their sizes are appropriate)

- Mini dogs: pet-dogs, lap dogs, with the height maximum 23 cm, and weight max. 4,5 kg. for example: Yorkshire terrier,chihuahua

small built dogs: with the height 23-38 cm, and weight 4,5 kg - 11,5 kg. for example: foxhound, Scotch terrier, Beagle, Cocker spaniel

medium-sized dogs: with height 38-68 cm, and weight 11,5 kg - 30 kg. for example: Bullterrier, greyhound, Husky, Border Collie

  • Dogs are permitted to stay only in the guest area of our cellar area. 
  • Dogs cannot be let into economic area, into the kitchen, the counter, the sotck and the lavatory belonging to the guest area.
  • Dogs can only stay at the guest area only with their keeper, on a leash. At the arrival of a guest with a dog the waiter ensure water to the dog in a sonics pot.  
  • The keeper of the dog takes responsibility for the behaviour of the pet, in case of damage causing the keeper takes financial responsibility for the renovation of the damage caused by his dog.
  • Dogs cannot disturb the entertainment and meal of the guests. The keepre must pay acutely attention for keeping the poise of the dog. If the dog disturbs the entertainment and meal of the other guests (dog cannot be in poise, the dog barks) the waiter has the right to modify the meal location of the guest with the dog, or ask them to leave.
  • Creppy PalacsintaHáz has the appropriate and designated for this purpose cleaning tools, and a mandatory and trained collegue, who can accomplish the appropriate and hygenical cleaning after the dog.