Romantic VIP Dinner

Creppy VIP dinner includes:

  • APERITIF - welcome drink champagne 

    Creppy lemonade (Lemonade with fresh lemon and orange slices) 
    Creppy flavoured lemonades (Shrek lemonade, Gru lemonade, Fruit lemonade)
    Mineral water (Sparkling, still) 

  • OPTIONAL SAVORY CREPE (two portions from the menu)
  • ROMANTIC PANCAKE TOWER - pre-ordered cake 

Sweetnut pancake tower (Pancakes served with Nutella and banana slices)
Cinderella pancake tower (Pancakes with strawberries, vanilla cream and whipped cream)


Price:  19 985 HUF/two persons 

Creppy Fan Club price:  18 580 HUF/two persons 


Event offers' prices includes 10% service charge!