Happy Tuesday

We are happier than average on the second Tuesday of each month in Creppy PalacsintaHáz, because at that time we expect a special day. This day is Happy Tuesday, when the real Creppy feeling can be experienced with unbeliveable discount:

we offer our meals on 70 % price.

So don’t forget that you can enjoy your favourite crepe meals with a 30% discount. On these days particularly numerous guests visit the Creppy PalacsintaHáz, so it is worth booking to have a table surely. What are you waiting for?


We ensure a special menu for you on Happy Tuesdays, to fasten the service, and ensure to more and more people to enjoy the Creppy experince, keeping the high-quality.


It is worth taking the regulation below into consideration, with which you help not just the work of our workers but the experience of the Creppy feeling of our guests.