Happy Tuesday

We are happier than average on the second Tuesday of each month in Creppy PalacsintaHáz, because at that time we expect a special day. This day is Happy Tuesday, when the real Creppy feeling can be experienced with unbeliveable discount:

we offer our meals on 70 % price.

So don’t forget that you can enjoy your favourite crepe meals with a 30% discount. You don't need anything but a valid, free Creppy Fan Club memebership. On these days particularly numerous guests visit the Creppy PalacsintaHáz, so it is worth booking to have a table surely. What are you waiting for?


We ensure a special menu for you on Happy Tuesdays, to fasten the service, and ensure to more and more people to enjoy the Creppy experince, keeping the high-quality.


It is worth taking the regulation below into consideration, with which you help not just the work of our workers but the experience of the Creppy feeling of our guests. 

Discount price: 
On these discount days we offer our crepe meals with a 30% discount for our crepe fan friends who have Creppy Fan Club card. This discount concerns all of our full meals. The discount is reducted from the prices represented in our menu, which will be reducted from the total sum. The discount of Happy Tuesday cannot be combined with any other discounts, so neither the 10% crepe discount of Fan Club card can be demendable. Even so your Fan Club points will be discharged based on your consumption. 

About the menu: 
In order to fasten the service we use a special Happy Tuesday Menu you can order. Other dishes we cannot create on Happy Tuesdays. 

Reservation informations: 
Preliminary reservation is required for our discount day, which you can perform by phone, online or personally. In the reservation we ask you to indicate the exact personnel and time. We can keep the reserved table for 15 minutes. If we do not get indicítion about the delay, we can ensure the table for other guests and cannot accept any complaint about it.

We ask for the list of dishes over the personnel of 8 of the reservation which can be choosen from our Happy Tuesday menu. The list of dishes is enough to send us the day before the time of the reservation, which you can do through telephone, email or in your reservation form.

Billing informations
We cannot separate the accounts of a table. Claim for VAT invoices have to be reported on your arrival.