We create our crepe dishes with a high diligence, from fresh raw materials keeping the strict hygienics rules in the interest of ensuring the Creppy experience. You can order our dishes to dine in at our restaurant or take away as well.

We pack our crepe specialities in eco, safe, separated packiging taking into accoun the heating and consistence of them. The price of packiging is 200 Ft/box.


Season menu

WashingTON crepe

Cheesy crepe filled with tuna, iceberg lettuce, fresh vegetables, olive berries and mayo 

2980 Ft

AliBaba crepe

Ginger crepe filled with hot cognaced strawberry served with vanilla plummy yoghurt and nuts 

1980 Ft


Chicken soup with crepe strips

meat cubes and vegetables

1380 Ft

Cellar goulash

Traditional goulash soup with beans, rich in beef and smoked trotters

1990 Ft

Garlic-cream soup

with cheesy toasts

1380 Ft

Creppy fruit cream soup

Fruit soup made of seasonal fruits

1380 Ft


Creppy salmonsalad

Grilled-lemoned salmon, pineapple, cucumber on iceberg lettuce bed with exotic vinaigrette and crepe strips

2680 Ft


Grilled chicken cubes on fresh salad mix, caesar dressing and garlic toast cubes

2380 Ft


Our savory crepes have diameter 40 cm, so they are called hugecrepes. They are filled with any kind of stews and fillings.

Gourmand crepe

Grilled chicken slices served in herbal crepe with fresh vegetables and garlic sour creme

3390 Ft

Zeusz crepe

Gyros spiced turkey with olive berries, purple onion and tomato in sesamed crepe with feta cheese and tzatziki

3390 Ft

Svejk's favorite crepe

Burgundy tasted beef stew with sheep cottage-cheese vegetables crepe rolls and bacon cubes

3890 Ft

Krúdy crepe

Mushroomed crepe filled with smoked trotter and beef intense stew served with picle variations

3390 Ft

Hortobágyi crepe

Grounded pork stew with seasonpaprika cream in crepe

3390 Ft

Príma palacsinta

basil-sundried tomato stew with caper in zucchini crepe, served with roasted tenderloin and grilled cheese 

4490 Ft

Captain crepe

Grilled salmon in dilled creamy sauce on spinach crepe strips

4490 Ft

Bakonyi crepe

Grounded smoked trotter with mushroomed paprika cream in potato cream

3390 Ft

Desperado crepe

Hot chili grounded pork stew with with corn and bean in tortilla crepe

2980 Ft

Lyoni crepe

Spicy turkey in crepe with fried onion rings and cucumber salad sour cream on it

3390 Ft

Quesadilla crepe

Chicken breast and melted cheddar cheese in crepe tortilla served with iceberg lettuce, corn and garlic sour cream

3390 Ft

Kofa crepe

Potato crepe with sour cream and smoked cheese served with vegetables

2290 Ft

ÍzLand crepe

Roasted hake and vegetables served on crepe-island filled with garlic sour cream

3890 Ft

Alfredo crepe

Garlic creamy stew with chicken and corn on crepe strips

2980 Ft

Las Vega crepe

Spinach-green crepe filled with cider vinegary mushroom and tomato, served with special gorgonzole cream

2980 Ft

Firenzei pleated crepe

Chicken cubes and steamed vegetables stratified among crepes with white creamy sauce frizzled with parmesan

3390 Ft

Pulled pork crepe

pulled pork with smokey BBQ in crepe-sandwich, served with coleslow salad on iceberg lettuce and crunchy fried onions

3390 Ft


Lara's favorite crepe

Fried crepes filled with delicious chicken liver and cheese in sesamed skin, served with spicy sauce

3390 Ft

Rakaván crepe

Fried crepes in sesamed skin, filled with mustard chicken breast, smokey cheese and bacon, served with pickles

3890 Ft

Fried Camembert crepe

Fried crepes filled with camembert cheese in almond skin served with home made cherry sauce

3390 Ft

Royal crepe

Fried crepes filled with steamed vegetables and mushroom served with cucumber tartar sauce

2980 Ft

Hortobágyi crepe

Fried crepes filled with grout pork stew served with seasonpaprika cream

3390 Ft


Díva crepe

Blackberry-vanilla cottage cheese cream in crepeflowers served with whipped cream and blueberry sauce

1980 Ft

Berry Pack crepe

Fried crepes filled with honeyed raspberries in almond skin served with vanilla ice-cream

2190 Ft

Aloha crepe

Cocoa crepe filled with Nutella, pineapple, banana served with vanilla cream and whipped cream

2190 Ft

Aphrodité crepe

Crepe tunnels filled with hot honeyed strawberry marrow served with bourbon vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream

1980 Ft

Túró Rudi crepe

Crepe filled with cottage-cheese cream, covered by red dotted chocolate

1980 Ft

Flaming Gundel crepe

Traditional hungarian crepe filled with walnut cream with raisins soaked in rum, and flaming chocolate sauce

1980 Ft

Toffee crepe

Crepe ring filled with Nutella and vanilla cream, fried almond and nuts, rich in caramel sauce, choc ice cream

2190 Ft

Túróvarázs crepe

Crepe filled with cottage-cheese cream and peach cubes served with vanilla pudding

1980 Ft

Kanadai crepe

Walnutted skin fried crepefilled with cinnamoned apple, with cinnamoned powder sugar maple syrup 

2190 Ft

Csupa Csoki Csoda crepe

Cocoa crepe filled with many kind of choc, with choc ice-cream and choc sauce

1980 Ft

Katus' favorite crepe

Nutella crepe sticks with vanilla cream and strawberries

2190 Ft

Feketeerdő crepe

Chocolate and cherry meet in cocoa crepe with whipped cream

1980 Ft


Jam crepe

Crepe filled with apricot, strawberry or blueberry jam

950 Ft

Cream crepe

Crepe filled with vanilla- or choc cream

950 Ft

Cocoa crepe

Crepe filled with cocoa powder

850 Ft

Cinnamon crepe

Crepe filled with cinnamon powder

850 Ft

Cottage-cheese crepe

Crepe filled with sweet cottage-cheese cream

1350 Ft

Nutella crepe

Crepe filled Nutella

1350 Ft

Granny's Crepe Dish

Traditional hungarian collection of crepe does filled with cocoa, jam and cottage-cheese

1980 Ft


Classic American Pancake

The original pancakes served with maple syrup

1980 Ft

Sweetnut Pancake

Pancakes served with Nutella and banana slices

2190 Ft

Blueberry Pancake

Blueberry pancakes with blueberry jam and sauce

2190 Ft

Cinderella Pancake

Pancakes with strawberries, vanilla cream and whipped cream

2190 Ft

Choco Love Pancake

Brownie pancakes served with hot choco sauce, cool choco ice-cream, whipped cream and smarties

2190 Ft


Palacsinta Patrik's favorite crepe

Crepe filled with Nutella-cookies, smiley smarties and whipped cream

1380 Ft

Rip-Rop crepe

Fried cheese in crunchy skin served with cucumber tartar sauce

1980 Ft

FinCsibe crepe

Chichen breast filled with peach and cheese in fried crepe

1980 Ft