PaLunch Menu

Crepe Lunch, everyday between 12-15 PM

Creppy lunch offer provides a special two-course, crepe menu on a reduced price. You can eat a complete menu of the magicial Creppy crepes with saving money by your Creppy Fan Club Card. Creppy offers something new every day in lunch time. You cannot get more special menu hereabouts! Your task is just to take your Creppy Fan Club card and have a great lunch in Creppy PalacsintaHáz!

PaLunch contains a soup and a Creppy crepe speciality. Both course are served in small portion. The content of PaLunch is changing every week.

If you have Creppy Fan Club card, you will have a significant discount!

Price of PaLunch: 2.950 HUF
Price of PaLunch with Creppy Fan Club Card: 2.200 HUF


Ask the waiter for the actual PaLunch offer!