PaLunch crepe lunch

Crepe Lunch on weekdays between 12-15 PM


The Creppy lunch offers a special crepe lunch menu with double reducement! Unique crepe specialities for the weekdays. The Creppy PaLunch offers two options of soups, three options of savory crepe as a main course and a sweet dessert crepe that changes every week. You can combine the dishes as you wish. The crepes of the PaLunch offer are always small portions.

This is the greatest discount of the Creppy ever! 

The dishes of the PaLunch offer have 30% reduced price and if you have a Creppy Fan Club Card you can have extra 10% discount. The Creppy has created the most special lunch offer with the best prices ever!  The only thing you must do is to take your Creppy Fan Club Card and have a fantastic lunch at the Creppy restaurants! 


PaLunch availability:
PaLunch is available every workdays between 12-15 PM!  Official workdays from Monday to Friday rate weekday. PaLunch is not be available on weekends or on the daysof a ling weekend.  


A PaLunch portions: 
The contwent of the PaLunch changes every week. You can choose from two small portions of soups, three portions of small  savory crepes and a small sweet one.  The offer of PaLunch cannot be variated, we cannot change the dishes. If our recipes let us, we can make the dishes of allergen-free (gluten, lactose, sugar-free) commodities. In this case the extra cherge of these allergen-free commodities will be billed. 

The content of Palunch changes weekly, but we keep the right of changing in case of particular circumstances (ex.: lack of commodity). In this case we ensure an alternative lunch offer, about which  the waiter provides information.

PaLunch price: 
The dishes of the Palunch are available with 30% reduced price 
and if you have a Creppy Fan Club Card you can have extra 10% discount. If you don't have this card you can register any time for free and we can give the extra bonus immediately. The price of the PaLunch can not be combined with any other discounts. 

PaLunch for takeaway: 
In the case of packing the PaLunch dishes for take away we count extra packing price for it by courses.