Crepe cakes

The height of any occasion can be our crepe cakes, that contains crepes instead of the traditional sponge. We fill these crepes with various fillings.

Huge crepe cake= 16 slices 
Small crepe cake= 8 slices
Mini pancake cake = 
 4 slices

Crepe cake extras:
Cake box incase of take avay: 800 HUF/huge, 600 HUF/small
Number candle: 150 HUF/piece
Firework: 350 HUF

Good to know: crepe cakes pre-ordering is needed at least 1 day before! 

Scummy crepe cake

Banana- and peach in cottage-cheese cream among crepes with vanilla cream, covered by crunchy fried egg-white cream on the top

Huge: 7900 Ft / Small: 5530 Ft
Full choc crepe cake

Nutella, banana among cocoa crepes with lots of choc

Huge: 7900 Ft / Small: 5530 Ft
Avas chesnut crepe cake

Chesnut cream and cherry sauce with blueberry jam and coco-choco covering 

Huge: 7900 Ft / Small: 5530 Ft
Tirol apple crepe cake

Cinnamoned crepes filled with cinnamoned apple filling, apricot jam, vanilla cream and walnut

Huge: 7900 Ft / Small: 5530 Ft
Oreo crepe cake

Oreo white chocolate cream among cocoa crepes with oreo bites

Huge: 7900 Ft / Small: 5530 Ft
Toffee crepe cake

Nutella, caramel and vanilla cream among crepe cake with lots of  fried almond and nuts 

Huge: 7900 Ft / Small: 5530 Ft
Cinderella minicake

Strawberry and vanilla cream among american pancakes with whipped cream 

Small: 3390 Ft
Sweetnut minicake

Nutella and banana among american crepe tower with whipped cream

Small: 3390 Ft