Record Menu

We bet you don’t eat the Record Menu of the Creppy!

Eat a soup, a main course (savory hugecrepe) and a dessert (sweet hugecrepe) and be the pride of Creppy!

If you cope with the Record Menu, your photo and degree will be posted ont he Creppy Hall of Fame and you will also get this degree about your performance.

We make your own Creppy Fan Club Card, which ensures you immediate 10% crepe discount and you can collect Creppy points on that.


Relulation of the Record Menu:

  • Record Menu must be eaten only by one person – henceforth the Recorder - , other person mustn’t eat or taste the Recorder’s meal, any help in eating the meals is forbidden.
  • Fulfilment of the Record Menu is accepted, if the Recorder eats all his meals and his plate is totally empty in the case of all three meals. ( only the decoration can be stayed ont he plate)
  • Recorder has maximum 2 hours for eating the Record Menu. The menu consists of minimum 3 courses have to be eaten within this time, in the course of one eating.
  • If the Recorder gives up because he/ cannot cope with the huge portions of Creppy, it doesn’t matter, in this case he/she has a nice mealwink

Challenges enhance us .. are you dare to undertake it?

Beat our Record Menu and get into the best!