Creppy is always out to do create a menu that contain health-conscious dishes. Our Vitality dishes offer many delicious crepe dishes that fit for gluten-, lactose-sensitive guest, or those who cannot eat sugar. These Vitality dishes contains, glutenfree, lactosefree and sugarfree ingredients. We have our special vitality crepe powder that fits for all criterium except egg.

Preapring our vitality dishes we use a special crepe mixture that bases on corn flour. Even the other ingredients, fillings are totally glutenfree.


Our vitality dishes are absolutely fit for lactose sensitive people, because not only the special crepe mixture but all of the ingredients are lactosefree. (it does not contains milk sugar, but it may contains milk protein)



Our vitality crepes are made of sugarfree and low-carb flour mixture that contains much more protein and fiber contents.

Vitality menu

Chicken soup with crepe strips

Chicken soup with crepe strips meat cubes and vegetables

2050 Ft

Gourmand crepe

Grilled chicken slices served in parsley crepe with fresh vegetables

4650 Ft

Katus' favorite crepe

Hazelnut cream crepe sticks with vanilla cream and strawberries

3090 Ft