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Light crepes  Sugarfree and lowcarb ingredients

The base of Light crepes is sugarfree and low-carb flour mixture that contains much more protein and fiber contents.


Glutenlight crepes 

In our glutenlight dishes not only crepes do not include any gluten ingredients but the stews and fillings either. Otherwise our kitchen is not devided into gluten and glutenfree parts. That's why we call these dishes glutenlight crepes. We do not take responsibility in case cross-contamination. 


Lactose-light crepes

In our lactose-light meals not only the crepe but the stews or fillings do not include lactose, however those can contain lactalbumin. Pay attention that our kitchen also operates with materials which can contain lactose derivates!


Vegetarian crepes

Vegetarianism is the practice of abstaining from the consumption of meat and may also include abstention from by products of animal slaughte. According to this at Creppy you can taste many different types of vegetarian crepes. These dishes do not include any meat. 

Soups - Salads

Chicken soup with crepe strips

chicken soup with crepe strips meat cubes and vegetables

1790 Ft

Creppy salmonsalad

creppy salmon salad grilled- lemoned salmon, pineapple, cucumber on iceberg lettuce bed with exotic vinaigrette and crepe strips

3250 Ft

Savory crepes

Gourmand crepe

grilled chicken slices served in herbal crepe with fresh vegetables

4090 Ft

Zeusz crepe

gyros piced turkey with olive berries, purple onion and tomato in sesamed crepe with feta cheese and tzatziki 

4090 Ft

Krúdy crepe

mushroomed crepe filled with smoked trotter and beef in intense stew served with pickle variations

4090 Ft

Lyoni crepe

spicy turkey in crepe with fried onion rings and cucumber salad

4090 Ft

Alfredo crepe

garlic cremy stew with chicken and corn on crepe strips

3690 Ft

LasVega crepe

spinach- green crepe filled with cider vinegary mushroom and tomato, served with special gorgonzola cream

3690 Ft

Sweet crepes

Aloha crepe

cocoa crepe filled with hazelnut cream, pineapple, banana, served with vanilla cream

2690 Ft

Tropical crepe

honeyed-lemoned tropical fruit cubes in coconut crepe

2490 Ft

Gyümölcsös crepe

crepe filled with strawberry jam, fresh fruit salad 

2490 Ft

Toffee crepe

crepe ring filled with hazelnut cream and vanilla cream, fried almond and nuts, rich in caramel sauce, choc ice cream

2690 Ft

Katus'favorite crepe

hazelnut cream crepe sticks with vanilla cream and strawberries

2690 Ft

Traditional crepes

Jam crepe

crepe filled with strawberry jam

1350 Ft

Cream crepe

crepe filled with vanilla cream

1350 Ft

Hazelnut cream crepe

crepe filled with hazelnut cream

1790 Ft